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Read the latest financial news and updates in legislation which pertain to you and your business with us.  In this section, you'll also find information and resources including press releases, from some of our service providers.  Subscribe to our newsletters by entering your details in our contact form. It's that quick and easy!

Short Term Insurance News - 2nd Quarter 2016

Pets get in on the insurance action

Great news for pet lovers! Your favourite furry friends are now covered too! 

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Short Term Insurance News - 1st Quarter 2016

It makes Rands & Cents to check your replacement values

As you well know, our currency has weakened substantially in recent months. Due to economic pressures, clients often find themselves underinsured when it specifically comes to burglary and fire claims ….

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Short Term Insurance News - 3rd Quarter 2015

Tis the Season to be?... Risk Aware!

The Holiday Season is fast approaching. But before we get into the festive swing, we thought we'd remind you of the importance of remaining vigilant (and correctly insured) throughout this period, and beyond.

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Short Term Insurance News - 2nd Quarter 2015

Xenophobia Update

You will have heard about the recent spate of Xenophobic attacks in our country.  It's happening right here on our doorstep and even though it may not affect you directly, it actually affects us all. 

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Employee Benefits News - 2nd Quarter 2015

Industry Update

We've all seen the adverts and received the calls from insurance companies "Sir/Madam, are you aware that Medical Aid doesn't always cover hospitalisation costs in full?….. 

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Employee Benefits News - 1st Quarter 2015

Industry Update

A few changes have been legislated regarding the treatment of Retirement lump sum benefits and the tax treatment of premiums and benefits of group life income disability policies.

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Short Term Insurance News - 1st Quarter 2015

Prevent Claims Repudiations

Comply with the claims procedure set out in your policy:  Give us accurate information …

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Short Term Insurance News - 3rd Quarter 2014

Don't Just Click - Check that its Locked!

Beware of remote control jamming! Remember your policy specifically excludes theft from an unattended vehicle vehicle unless there are clear signs of forcible and violent entry.

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NewsletterShort Term Insurance News - 2nd Quarter 2014

Carmargue's Cyber Liability Cover

Many organisations believe that their firewalls and anti-virus programs provide them with sufficient protection against cyber risks such as viruses and hacking.  The shocking reality is very different...

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NewsletterShort Term Insurance News - 1st Quarter 2014

Car Pooling

As the petrol price rises many motorist are considering forming a c pooling group in an effort to reduce costs associated with daily travelling.  There are however, some factors that require consideration ...

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NewsletterShort Term Insurance News - 4th Quarter 2013

Key Principles of Insurance

As part of our continued engagement with you, please note that the contents of this communication are designed to assist you in understanding some of the key principles of insurance which should prove useful in the event of a claim.

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NewsletterBay Union Employee Benefits News - 1st Quarter 2013

Retirement Savings still a challenge in South Africa

The majority of retiring members in South Africa today do not have sufficient savings to sustain or at least provide for their post retirement needs. The average replacement ratio for people retiring is in the region of 35% of final salary. For example, a salaried employee earning R10 000 per month would need to sustain their post retirement lifestyle on less than R3 500 per month when they retire. The aim in the retirement fund Industry is to try and achieve closer to 75% of your final salary as a replacement ratio at retirement. There is clearly a huge disparity between the aim of the Industry and what is in fact happening in reality.

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NewsletterNewsletter - October 2012

Our Service Ethos

We assign personnel who will deliver a high level of expertise with regards to underwriting and claims. Your policy will be renewed annually or monthly depending on the payment terms. A review of policy terms will be conducted annually.

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NewsletterAnnouncement of New Prestige Policy Wording

We are pleased to advise that the revised Hollard Prestige Policy wording is available from 1st August 2012. The wording is on a Compact Disc(CD) and has been awarded the Readability Mark by Plain Business Writing (Pty) Ltd, as it complies with the legislated plain language requirements. Contact us if you have not received your Compact Disc in the mail.

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NewsletterPrestige Policy Excess Schedule

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NewsletterPrestige Policy Limit Schedule

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NewsletterDomestic Newsletter - First Quarter 2012

Hollard Prestige Policies

We are constantly trying to improve our efficiency and service.

Have your details changed?

Please let us know if your contact details have changed - if you have an email address and we aren't already using it to communicate with you please let us know - as we endeavour to GO GREEN to save the environment.

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NewsletterDomestic Newsletter - Fourth Quarter 2011

Hollard Prestige Policies

We are pleased to advise that as required by the Consumer Protection Act we will be launching a new Plain Language Wording within the next few months.

Although it might seem common insurance knowledge, it is important to point out that cover for "Wear & Tear" is not provided for in a standard policy and in light of the above it has become necessary for your Insurer, Hollard, to note this in the policy wording in order to ensure that there is no confusion on the matter at claim time. As such your policy will be endorsed with effect from 1st May 2011 as follows:

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NewsletterClient Newsletter - Fourth Quarter 2011

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, with only a few more weeks of operative time left in 2011. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the best for the festive season, and a prosperous 2012.

Paying Attention to Policy Grace Periods

Risk benefit premiums are due to be paid on the first of the month for which they are due i.e. they are payable monthly in advance.

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